Monday, May 29, 2006

Off to the Laces!

Well actually not!

Today is the official start of The Amazing Lace but since it isn't a holiday here in the very hot frozen north (it is 31.7C outside my kitchen window - that translates to as close to 90F as I ever want to be) , I have to finish my sample sock for my June Sock of the Month and I have rehearsal tonight, I will not be starting my Lace project along with the group.

Tomorrow will just have to do!

I think I might change from Triangles within Triangles (does anyone else out there have trouble typing trinagle tienadle trinagkle tringle triangle) and maybe do a Flower Basket Shawl instead with the charcoal grey Superfine Merino (JaggerSpun - Zephyr's sister). Wendy just finished one and it looks very pretty.

Hmmh - perhaps inspriation will strike while I am playing the Mozart tonight

I hope you all have a lovely Memorial Day and/or just plain old Monday (Toronto Transit Commission work stoppage and all)


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