Sunday, May 28, 2006

Progess made!

Feeling a bit uninspired after finishing up the T within T shawls.

I did a swatch of the red Japanese Cardigan using red Wensleydale Dk on too large needles but experimented a bit with the stitch symbols and have them mostly figured out. I am a little uncertain as to whether the chart represents every other row or every row but I know there is/was a knit along for this sweater and should be able to find that detail out. I am thinking from what I knit that it is every row so will try another swatch on a smaller needle (likely need to go to a 3.0mm or even smaller) and see about sizing it to fit.

I finished up the 2nd sock of my turquoise and green Meilenweit Magico pair:

Of course now the weather has turned hot hot hot so it will be a while before I will get to wear them.

I started - or rather - restarted the design for my June Sock of the Month. This was one that has been percolating on the back burner for a few months and I had a bit of a brain wave about it this morning so dragged out the yarns and managed to finish the ankle. I will post it once it is done and all I will say about it now is think 70s (funky, psychadelic, groovy and lots and lots of colour!)

Off to bed - it isn't a long weekend here - that was last weekend for us, so tomorrow is a work day.

Have a lovely holiday to all my US friends, relatives and customers. I have extended my sale to end the 29th at midnight in honour or perhaps more appropriately "honor" of Memorial Day.


At 6:35 a.m., Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Hi from Austria! I really love the Meilenweit yarn you're using for your socks, such an awesome colorway - looking forward to seeing the socks all finished, as well as the Japanese cardigan when you've started it!
Have fun knitting!


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