Monday, April 24, 2006

NOW I can get excited about MARYLAND

The Frolic is done and it was a very good time! Nice to meet everyone and get all of your good feedback. It was an awful horrible cold day - too cold to be outside at all. There was a steady flow of people all day - right up to the last minute. My kids did cash (and all of the lugging) and I got to talk to people - by far the best way to do a show.

I am doing some re-arranging to the shelving downstairs and all of the goodies are spread across the living and dining room until I get done - perhaps tomorrow. I'll be uploading all of the Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden yarns that I didn't have time to get done before the Frolic - so stay tuned for some goodies including Blue Faced Leicester 2/8 and SEA SILK!!!


I leave a week Thursday, pick up my friend Ainslie in Kingston and after a visit to our friend Trish in Ithaca-ish New York, arrive in Westminster, MD - our jumping off point for 2 days of glory, fleece, sheep and fibre crazed crowds.

This will be my 3rd visit to MS & W and I still get just as excited as I did the first time I went. First stop the fleece sale in the big barn then a good long wander through all the barns, a lamburger or 2 and perhaps an ice cream.

My wheel paper for Spinning Level 2 is going to be about travelling wheels. Part of my MSW trip will be to do some research and try out a few so that I can pick 5 to write up.

Must go and do some more organizing


At 3:58 p.m., Blogger Lisa said...

I'll be there to! I'm in Toronto - funny that!


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