Monday, March 27, 2006

Sweet relief!

Relief that I got one of my rather big Master Spinning assignments back and I did ok. Yeah! Just 1 last one to get back ( the small project one) and then start the research for my wheel paper that gets presented at the beginning of Level 2.

The best part of the research for the wheel paper is that it is a very fine excuse (not that I need one) to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool again this year (my 3rd time there). I want to try out the Robin, and some small/portable wheels (mine is a Lendrum Traveller). What better place to do that than MSW?

What a fantastic place it is - 2 days of looking and trying and watching and buying and meeting people and patting sheep and eating ice cream and spinning and Target (we don't have Target here in Canada).

My favourite thing is the Parade of Breeds on Sunday. They start at "A" (or was it "B") and bring in each breed represented at the Fair 1 by 1 or 2 by 2 and talk a little about where each one comes from. Very interesting and very cute. The first one I went to - when they reached the Shetlands, a Shetland mom came in with her 2 lambs and watching the lambs cavort was so cute. Well worth the longish wait for it to start (12.30 on Sunday I think).

There are wokshops to go to as well that start before the fair but I haven't been to any yet - haven't wanted to take that much time off. I drive down on Thursday (just under 1000Km or 660 miles (I think that is the conversion)) and come home on Monday. There are 5 of us going this year - a good crowd from Canada!).

I finished my Kiri earlier this evening and will block it tomorrow and take some pics. Working on a modular Silk Spun scarf for a sample too and more - all for DKC Frolic April 22nd.


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