Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Angel Hair Leaf Lace Shawl done

Finished my 3rd Fiber Trends Leaf Lace Shawl last night - a gorgeous wisp on Hand Maiden Angel Hair in a very soft mix of blues and greens. Lots of yarn left over and the shawl when blocked will be a nice big one.

The first Leaf Lace I knit was in Hand Maiden Lace Silk in blues that I wear all the time - a bit smaller that goes well with my teal blue sweaters.

The 2nd was my final project for my spinning course (got it back last week and I PASSED!).

The pattern is so versatile that it works just as well in all 3 yarns and even in the heavier weight hand spun. A perfect pattern I think!

I am up to my eyeballs in accounting and bookeeping to get things ready to send to my accountant (our deadline is, thankfully, May 1st) so my weekend will be rather bereft of knitting. I may get something else finished up and will take some time to block Leafy Angel Hair and my other Kiri in black Madil Kid Seta.

The weather is gorgeosu and one of my (3) magnolias is starting to bloom. Sping has sprung!


At 11:54 a.m., Anonymous Laila said...

Congrats on passing your spinning course.
But really Robyn was there ever any doubt that you would ace it....Ms Fiberfingers!!!! That Woodlands Kiri...yum. See you Wednesday

At 3:27 a.m., Blogger littledevilworks said...

Absolutely gorgeous! :)

At 11:37 a.m., Anonymous Pennie said...

Breath taking!


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