Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring was here

I guess that was it - last week when the crocuses/croci came up in all of their lovely yellowness and the Dogwood tree ( Cornus mas - not the pretty one of the south) almost bloomed with its soft yellow blossoms that are not very showy but are very welcome as they are so early. That sentence was about as long as the Spring was.

We are now back to winter - woke to snow on the ground this morning and a cold nose when I took Arthur (he is our lovely Golden Retriever) out for his morning sojourn in the garden. I hope spring returns - I want some more!

Each year I do hanging baskets of mixed annuals and pots along the steps of my front porch. I usually pick a theme colour depending on what hits my fancy at the local garden centre (actually not a garden centre at all - the local grocery store (Loblaw's on Redway) sets up a tent in the parking lot and brings in all sorts of well priced trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals - usually last year hot picks at better prices).

Last years was white and yellow - all the regular annuals plus some ivies and coleus and interesting leaf colours.

This pansy smacked me in the eye today:
Wow - what a great colour and I am thinking that maybe this will start my theme colour for this year. My front door is a periwinkle blue and the porch rails are a lighter version of periwinkle so I think it would look great being complementary colours and all - sort of - close enough to violet to be its complement.

Am in a bit of a knitting funk - working on my April Sock of the Month sock and it just isn't there yet. Third or perhaps fourth time lucky! If not - out it comes and I will start over with another idea I have been working on in another yarn. Not much time left though so it (grrr) better (grrr) work (grrr).

Gratuitous sheep picture coming:

Scottish Blackface named Delia who cavorts in Alberta. Cute no?


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