Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Block, Blocker, Blockest!

A blocking frenzy at the Red Bird Knits household today!

Done are:

black Kid Seta Kiri
blue green Angel Hair Leaf Lace
Mega Boots sock
Indian Summer Sea Silk Pillared Archways Scarf (Jackie Erickson Schweitzer) - still drying on the ironing board ( not Jackie - the scarf)
washed Triangulation sock - nice and soft now

A price sticker frenzy too - on the new Hand Maiden yarns and kits that arrived today (and will be unveiled at DKC - wow's the word) plus some bargain bin thingys, some cotton ... with a lot more to come.

More blocking tomorrow and more price stickering - my what an exciting life I lead!

A demain

Obvious signs of flower buds on my Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) - a native north american tree that blooms fuchsia on bare wood. You see them more south of here (here being Toronto) and mine is only 3 years old and much nurtured. A tree with a name like that - both its Latin version and common name just had to have a place in my tiny city backyard

Magnolia is about 25% out now - anothere WOW


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