Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lily Chin sighting

The energetic and spritely Lily Chin spoke to our guild this evening about inspiration and translating that into design. She's a very clever woman is Lily - picked up on some architectural details in the room we were in and turned them into knitting design on the spot. From dull concrete walls with regularly spaced holes to chair backs lined up like bricks with stairs for borders.

There is inspiration in everything and the more knitting (and crocheting - she is the world's fastest crocheter after all) techniques we can use mean the more opportunities we have to turn that inspiration into something. Very cool.

Ms Lily is presenting workshops here in T.O. for the next 3 days and will be at the Frolic on Saturday (Downtown Knit Collective) as well.

Started another Meilenweit sock during the meeting - this one is Multiringel in red/bright pink/brown/cream and mustard - a real 60s colour combo but very prettily striped.

Come to the Frolic and see it in person (along with lots of other goodies!)


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