Sunday, May 14, 2006

Amazing Lace

One of my customers brought The Amazing Lace challenge to my attention and I jumped at the chance to sign up. I can't think of anything more fun than to spend the summer knitting lace!
I am planning to do the Heartsrings Triangle within Triangles again but this time in JaggerSpun's Superfine Merino in Graphite

- it will look fantastic with the 2 Foxy Lady versions from Cherry Tree.

Superfine Merino is the same weight as its more famous cousin, Zephyr and is spun from the very finest of Australian Merino wools. Should be soft and stunningly gorgeous

I am thinking that it will be an easy knit and a good take along project as I head out to TNNA and then on to Colorado to the Estes Park Wool Market - very conveniently located about 1/2 an hour from my cousin in Evans, CO! I went there last year and had a wonderful family visit plus a great time at the Wool Market.

I spent all of Saturday morning at Estes listening to the judge as he went through fleece after fleece in category after category and learned so much that I intend to do the same this time. I bought the prize winning fine fleece (Cormo) and an amazing cross of Rambouillet/Merino and Teeswater - also a prize winner - in an almost pure black.

When I first arrived at the park, I could barely breathe - I live at sea level and this is high - higher than Denver which is a mile high. I got myself a big cup of coffee and found a bench and sat and started chatting with a gentleman there. He introduced himslf as Jimmy and during our conversation he told me I was doing the right thing by allowing myself time to acclimatize. I discovered that Jimmy had worked with the original 7 astronauts and was exactly the right person to be sitting beside at altitude! We had a great chat and he introduced me to his wife who turned out to be the breeder of the Rambouillet/Merino/Teeswater whose fleece I later bought.

Estes was also were I met the Cormo shepherd whose yarn I bought and have on my website. Her booth drew me in with its natural colours and hats, mitts, sweaters, scarves and yarn - oh the yarn!!! From very fine to fine and hanging tantalizingly in row after row... What a sight!

I can't wait!


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