Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lace knitting and Herbert Niebling

A new yahoo group has been started to attempt to get a large enough voice to persuade Burda to repulcish the fabulously gorgeous lace knitting of Herbert Niebling

Magazines and booklets with Nieblings designs are grabbing huge amounts on eBay - with anything that contains Lyra leading the bunch.

There is a lovely organic feel to his designs with a leaf growing from a curvy branch topped off by a pretty border.

Now I am not saying that I want to adorn my whole house with doilies and knitted tabel cloths but my eye want to see this sort of organic lace and my hands want to knit it. Imagine a shawl (probably not a white one - not sure I want to wear a doily either) in this sort of sinuous lace.


Here are some sites to see what I mean - pure eye candy! Thanks to Nurhanne for putting this together - awe inspiring


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