Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yummy bookiness

I am determined not to buy too many books for the store that my kids have to carry to shows and complain about their heaviness - but I broke down and bought a couple to sample to see if they were worth carrying.

I bought:

Norah Gaughan's Knitting Nature - this is GORGEOUS and is based on some wonderful shapes - hexagons, single and double spirals, fractals etc and has some really beautiful designs in it. It is a beautifully laid out and phtographed book (hard cover with a dust jacket - there goes the book collector in me talking again!) and is definitely worth a closer look - even for its 41.95 CDN price. At least 1 blogger has had some trouble with errors in the patterns so do look for errata before you dive in.

Vogue Stitchionary Book 2 - Cables - a follow up to the fabulous 1st book , this one isn't quite as exciting - lots of lovely cables but only a few that made my heart pound. This will form part of my book library and no doubt be called upon now and then:

The new Vogue Shawls book (part of Knitting on the Go series) is on back order but pics I have seen look good!

I also bought Janet Szabo's new Aran Sweater Design and the latest reprint of Barbara Walker's Mosaic Knitting but haven't really had time to look into them enough to comment yet.

Knitting continues on the Vine Lace top - almost to the division for the armholes - just hanging it overnight to get a proper length - am just on to the 3rd skein of Super 10. I hope to be finished by the end of the weekend and will photograph it and post.

Have a great weekend everyone! I plan to dye and knit and garden and take parcels to the post office - I know - it is all just too exciting!


At 10:10 a.m., Blogger Deb said...

Great minds think alike-I just got Knitting Nature (and found mistakes), and then was asked for a list of my "wanna get" books-you and I have VERY similar tastes in books! I am very eager to get my paws on the Vogue Shawls book! (my other wanna get was the new Morehouse Merino one-some very basic things, but understand it is worth it)


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