Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Diamonds Squared

With June's SOTM out of the way, I started some lace today - FINALLY!

Sivia Harding is Canadian and her Diamond Fantasy Shawl has popped up here and there in blogland in various guises. I wanted to do two in different yarns - partly so I can display them at the shows that I do, and partly because I wanted to see how it worked in each yarn.

The first one I started was in Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester 2/8 - the other half of a skein I have left after designing a shawl of my own (pattern under development). Let me tell you how much I love this yarn - love the feel (soft) and the colours that Fleece Artist adds to it and the weight - it is just the right weight for a woolly shawl or a pair of socks - but then my preferences are for yarns that are fine and/or finer.

This is the beginning and 1 repeat of the pattern and is going to look a lot better blocked.

The pattern starts at the bottom point and includes the edging as you go - very nicely done I would say!

And here is the other version in Silken (Hand Maiden - colour is Amethyst) which if my memory serves is a sport weight so just perhaps a tad heavier than the BFL.

This one is the starting section and 2 repeats of the pattern. This one shows the pattern more clearly and edging detail is a bit better too.

Great fun to knit - easy to remember the pattern and effective in both yarns.

Lace on!


At 7:59 a.m., Blogger Deb said...

Really gorgeous-I have some laceweight that needs a pattern- this just might be "the one". Loving that Fleece Artist yarn!

At 12:02 a.m., Blogger Amy said...

That amethyst one is gorgeous. I'm using the yarn I ordered from you for this pattern. I started (and frogged, twice) with a different yarn, but I love the pattern.


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