Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Long ago and far away...

... I made my last post - and have been deliquent ever since!

Finally finished the Paprika Super 10 vine lace top and wore it on the weekend. There are a couple of things I would change but I am just so thankful that it is DONE! This never ending lace top started over a year ago and has gone through many froggings to get it finished. I like the armhole shaping I finally used and I trimmed it with a single row of single crochet. I did a bit more on the bottom - a couple of rows of single and a row of double crochet to emphasize the point that the vine lace makes. Definitely wearable and comfortable in this heat.

And have I told you how great Super 10 is? No? Well - it is IMHO the best cotton on the market - good price, big hanks, great colours and very easy to knit with. It has a nice sheen that stays after washing and it seems sort of cabled and so it doesn't split when you are knitting with it. Highly recommended!

I have been working on a toe up sock with a heel that fits better (on my foot anyway) than the short row wedgie which is too short for my combined high arch and long heel. It still uses short rows to shape the bottom of the heel but then I am knitting the heel back and forth to make a heel flap. More on this once I have made all the adjustments I want. I am sure this exists elsewhere but I like a puzzle and this is an easy one to tackle when the weather is not conducive to gardening or even going out!

Not much else to report other than my July sale which is keeping me hopping. I keep adding things evey day to keep it interesting and people are responding well. Thanks everyone!

Off to do some packaging, get some lunch and go to the post office!

Then more heel experiments and perhaps some work on my Silk Spun top (modular and in 2 shades that blend - nice stuff this!)

Happy knitting all!


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