Monday, August 28, 2006

One sock - two ways

Or rather two socks - one yarn - two ways

New colours of Mega Boots (Meilenweit) - these are called Softcolor and the ombre stripes are more subtle that the originals - still nicely varied but not so abrupt.

This one is #507

And this one is too - but with a pattern! This is going to be the September Sock of the Month and I think it looks like wings - thus Angel's Wings

Amazing what a difference a pattern makes!

Pattern is from the same re-glued and now falling apart a little again book so I guess I will have to do something more to keep it all together.

Madly making samples - using this colour of Kid Seta Print - just love it!

Doing a simple 3 row repeat that is easy to remember - already off book on this one - sort of a scallopped shell and pretty darn pretty

Back to processing sock yarn orders - got a sale going on until Labour (or Labor) Day so it will be busy!

Happy knitting



At 3:38 p.m., Blogger Virginia said...

Well, Robyn, seems we were receiving the same vibes on the same day. My post of the same day, illustrataing the same point, was What a difference a stitch makes. And yes, it is an amazing difference.


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