Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blocking and broken books

My floor is covered with lace samples being blocked and the doors are all barred to keep the curious kitties out of the room. It took 1 of them (Smudgie) about 30 seconds to find the floor mats that I use and to scratch the heck out of 2 of them - nice soft stuff for her nails.

The Suri Lace Triangles Within Triangles shawl (Heartstrings) is dry and is rather gorgeous - light and airy, so is the Colinette Parisienne scarf. The rest will take a little longer - the Supersock Merino version of the Triangles Within Triangles, the Silk Maiden and Colinette Tao samples and the Silk Stream Scarf. I guess I'll have to stay up all night to guard them from kitty paws

Meanwhile, my Pitsilised Koekirjad (the lace pattern book that I am using for the samples) is falling apart! Pages are sliding out and about half of them are loose. I took some white glue and ran it down the spine and glued everything back into place. Elastics and my gardening encyclopedia held the pages together and made sure everything stayed flat (the gardening encyclopedia weighs a TONNE!). It seems to have worked. Thanks to Ainslie for the suggestion! I thought of putting all of the pages into sheet protectors and throwing it all into a binder but I am hoping this does the trick. I guess I can alway re-re-glue it if needed.

I can't believe that the first show of the season is almost upon us - September 9th at Bingemann Park, Kitchener Waterloo, ON. Much pricing, signage and more samples to go yet. I am never going to be ready - but then I always think that and I always am ready or at least as ready as I can be for a 1 day show.

I hope to see as many of you a can get there - it is a very busy day with about 1200 knitters going through, hunting for that special skein of yarn.

Must go knit samples - a couple of socks, some more lace ........................


At 6:26 p.m., Blogger Knitting Therapy said...

In the States, we have a chain of print shops called Kinkos. You can take a book to them, they cut the spine off and then attach the pages to a spiral. The book then will lay flat and you no longer loose pages.



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