Wednesday, September 06, 2006

KW Knitter's Fair

A beautiful big box arrived today from Fleece Artist! The contents will be revealed on Saturday to all of you happy knitters who are going to be there.

Every year at this time ( just a few days to go beofre the show), I am afraid that I won't be ready and this year is no different. So, as in previous years, I guess I will be ready enough!

Most of the yarn is priced, I have most of the display materials that I need and just have to do a supplier/Retail Bag (that's where the plastic shopping bags come from) and Staples run - and wind some more Zephyr and ..........

I have a new sock yarn too that will be launched there - Romney Sock - Ontario grown wool, processed and dyed in Ontario too so I guess it gets a Trillium beside its Canadian flag on the website once it gets put up. Just a few skeins are ready to go.

I also dyed some more Painted Cormo Lace and Painted Zephyr so that will be dry tomorrow and labelled and ready too

So I guess I WILL be ready!

See you there if you can. See you on the web if you can't - will be taking a few days off and will post the new goodies next week


At 7:47 a.m., Blogger Deb said...

hey- did you get any of that Celtic stuff? Might be interested.... (you know me so well with the lure of Fleece Artist!)

At 4:07 p.m., Anonymous Josée said...

good luck Robyn! wish I could be there...

At 8:31 p.m., Blogger Virginia said...

Have a good show. I have heard it is a great one.

At 6:22 a.m., Blogger LaurieM said...

Hi Robyn! It was so nice to see you at the K-W Fair. I hope you like the picture I posted of you. If you don't I will take it down. I have another shot that is just of your vest.


At 6:21 p.m., Blogger Heather said...

Have fun! Can't wait to see the new fleece artist on the website! :)


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