Sunday, September 17, 2006

Romney Sock

Just finished up a sample sock in my new Romney Sock yarn and couldn't wait to post it. Love the feel of this yarn and the fact that it isn't a commercial yarn but has some spring and some character

This one was a spare ball that I had wound off and dipped in a couple of different dye baths - still in the ball - just to see what would happen. It came out a nice mossy licheny green and taupe and a bit to my surprise was dyed all the way through - wasn't sure if the dye would miss a few parts since the yarn was wound into a ball.

I knit from both the beginning and end of the ball - 1 round each - and am very pleased with the results - no spiralling, no pooling - just nice colour.

I had to drive to London to pick up my cello on Saturday - it was being glued up by its maker Peter Chandler - and I had a lovely time stopping over in Stratford. Found Rheo Thompson and stocked up on their fantastic chocolate smoothies - the best chocolates in this part of the universe - yummm.

Planning to start some more samples this week - something in Skye - perhaps a hat or a triangular scarf - haven't quite decided yet and also something in my Painted Cormo Lace - definitely something lacy for this one to show of its softness and colour.

Now off to Sudoku for a while and then to bed

Have a lovely week everyone - lots of evening knitting to reward you for all the hard day jobs you do!


At 7:07 a.m., Blogger LaurieM said...

Nice sock. I think even a man would wear that one. :-)


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