Monday, January 31, 2011


I read a few garden blogs on a regular basis and one of them today talks about the advantages of snow.

Intellectually I agree that snow is a good thing - helps to insulate the garden and keep perennials from being heaved out of the ground, provides moisture when it melts and gives a good start to the season - but I must say I am sick of the sight of it.

We have about 14 inches on the ground with huge mounds at the bottom of the driveway allowing just enough clearance to get the car out (I got stuck the first time - my technique has improved since then). The dog loves it.... but I do not. Enough already!

Oh and I forgot to mention it was -19.9C this morning when I let the dog out for a microsecond.

Time to get the shovel out and dig some garden!

I have been knitting up a storm though (I guess that is another advantage to snow) and have completed the preliminary knit of a shoulder shawl in mohair (lots of fuzz, great depth of colour, not too complicated a design since it would be lost in the fuzz).

And also a triangular shawl in fair isle in Kauni yarn (long colour stretches with gradual changes from one to the next) with a corrugated ruffle for the bottom. I knitted it circularly with a steek and cut the steek in the company of my knitting group - now picked up along the edge and am knitting a border to wrap around the cut edge. This is how the yarn started out but I realized I had knitted it too small so ripped it.

Off to work on a pattern for fingerless mitts. Two hand dyed yarns in a fair isle with a corrugated ribbed cuff and Latvian braids (yum)