Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our lovely boy

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Arthur - Cooke City Montana - March 14, 1995 to June 17, 2009

Sweetest, smartest, most beautiful dog on the planet

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New colours!

Hit the warehouses yesterday to pick up the rest of the Silk Garden Sock for my June SOTM and found some new colours:

They are on my website here:

As always different balls of the same colour show great variation depending on how they are wound - part of the delight of Noro

Have I told you how much I love Noro lately?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I was rather disappointed with Noro's offering of Kureyon Sock. I resisted buying it at all for a while and finally succumbed because of the colours. I was never particularly successful in knitting a satisfactory sock from it - tried a fair isle pattern but it ended up too thick ( and would have been too expensive for my Sock of the Month club). I did knit a wrap shawl for a few balls of it in garter stitch and that is fairly successful - and warm but I don't even carry it it any more.

I do however, like their Silk Garden Sock - and have knitted a modular vest from this colour:




And knitted a sock in this colour:

It is also modular with accents of black. Pictures to come once I have finalized the design.

The first result was too big so I am adjusting the gauge and doing it in this colour:

Recognize it? Yes, it is the same as the vest

Why fiddle with what works

I am happy with this one and will be photographing it and posting it to my website shortly

Happy knitting everyone

Monday, June 08, 2009


Ainslie and I were talking about our gardens the other day and I was trying to tell her about the various things in my garden but of course, a picture is worth a thousand words ... so here are a thousand pictures instead

Violas on the porch in a Mother's Day gift from a few years ago - planted them April 1st and had to cover them a few times in both April and May (so cold this Spring)

Weigela finally blooming again after a severe pruning 2 years ago:

Viburnum plicatum looking lush this year:

I love my orange pansies:

Marble wants to know what I am doing outside without him ( and Bunny doesn't care)

Front of my house showing the Cornus mas the city planted 16 years ago that still looks more like a bush than a tree - and the Japanese Maple behind it that we moved from the back to make way for the deck:

Geraniums being geranium-like (these are the perennial Geraniums not the blousy annuals that need a lot of sun - these take shade):

Geese geesing:

Volunteer Euphorbia that is spreading itself around the garden in a very pleasing way:


My sweet little Cornus kousa - I've long wanted one of these and am delighted that it seems to like it where I planted it last year and is giving me a multitude of blooms (actually not blooms but let's not get too technical)

Brunnera looking forget-me-not like. This is the green one:

And the silver Brunnera that isn't blooming as much as the green version:

Home Depot made these - I just added the iron basket:

Another Geranium spending time with Alchemilla mollis (Lady's Mantle) - both are great favourites and do well in my front and back gardens - these are in front:

Dappled willow (which is actually a little peachier that the picture shows) with Heuchera that may be Marmalade but I have lost the tag. The Heuchera is in a pot (and seems happier there that most of my Heucheras that are in the ground):

That is all for now

Knitting next time