Friday, February 29, 2008

Am working up a few lace patterned socks for a future SOTM and just finished the 2nd one. Did the sample in Jitterbug Elephant's Dream on the tiniest needle - a 1.5mm. Hadn't planned to use it but must have slipped it into my 2.0mm package and thought it was pointier than normal but didn't check until I needed to get another needle out to do the toe.

Its a firm one!

Gearing up for a nice long weekend of knitting and deciding which of my many UFOs to revive.

Arthur had a checkup at the vet and there are still some shadows on his lungs so 2 more weeks of antibiotics. He's asleep on the couch covered in a blanket and is living the life of Reilly!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Can spring be far away?

Finished Clue 2 of Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl 2008 (#7). Am knitting this in Madil Kid Seta in steel grey. A very interesting knit:

Antidote to the whiteness and greyness:

Arthur, our Golden Retriever is home again to recover from a very serious illness. He developed pneumonia and was extremely ill but is now very much on the mend and gathering strength every day.

He has spent the better part of 3 weeks lying on this rug (forgive its filth please, I haven't had the heart to move him in order to get the vacuum on it). You can see some of the many shaved bits on him where cardiac monitors, ultra sounds and IVs were placed.

He actually broke into a trot yesterday during his walk - a heart gladdening sight!

He is 12 and very much my son's dog. When DS moved into his own place, Arthur went with him but there are stairs so until he is stronger he is back here with me.

Big foot!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday morning lounging around

Yesterday's yarn shipments were all about orange and tangerine - some Marmalade KidSilk Haze and orange Mega Boots Stretch.

Granite approves since they match his eyes:

Those eyes, those eyes, those beautiful eyes!

Knit a lot this weekend and forget about Winter. That is my plan anyway

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Doing quite well on the Cape Collar Jacket - both fronts are now at the beginning of the collar shaping. Had to put it down for a bit - the instructions are one of those "knit the other front reversing all shapings" ones and doing them both at once was a little too challenging for my weekend brain.

Finished my Feather and Fan socks in Araucania Ranco Multy:

Colour is #304. I likey!

Picked up the Mtn Colours Bearfoot socks that I started at Rhinebeck - have 1 done and am starting the ankle (doing them toe up) of the 2nd.

Received my Rowan order yesterday. Diamond Yarns used to distribute Rowan, Regia and others here and now it is coming directly from Westminster Fibres in the US. The good thing about that is that there is 1 less middleperson meaning the prices are better (and closer to the US prices). The bad thing is that I can't run out to the warehouse to re-stock. The better prices win imho

I ordered Calmer - brilliant yarn - cotton that stretches, Kid Silk Haze - lovely yarn, in colours that are unique to Rowan to supplement my stock of Madil Kid Seta (which is the SAME yarn from the same mill), and my personal favourite Summer Tweed - cotton and tussah silk in great colours (see my queue on Ravelry for "Delve" in ST - user name is RobynRedBird).

My Ravelry queue is now on to 2 pages. The chances of my making everything is getting thinner all the time but how can I not dream!

Happy knitting

Friday, February 08, 2008

Project update

This jacket really hit my eye when the most recent Vogue Knitting arrived so I almost immediately cast on for it.

I swatched Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in Ash but was a little unsure about quantities so I tried out Estelle Alpaca Cashmere Tweed instead. I love the cables:

And pretty soon, I had finished the back. Granite is investigating and seems to approve:

Bought some Araucania Ranco Multy and started a sock with it:

Pretty! and I love the feather and fan pattern - nothing extraordinary about it but it is so easy to knit and is quite effective in lots of things (Noro throw, Ice Queen...)

And a beauty shot of my cello. Peter Chandler who made it was a wonderful man and I enjoy playing this instrument so much. It has a warm bright sound and has just passed its 10th year - built in July 1997

Lovely back - nice purfling (that's the inlay around the edge)

Have a lovely weekend all!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


When the images outside the door look like this:

and this:

and this:

I recommend the immediate application of kitten therapy in the form of these:

And these:

And these:

Why the heck are you taking so many pictures of us - can't you see we are busy!

I also recommend these:

and these

and these:

And a little bit of tropical paradise thrown in for good measure:

The orchids are Phalanopsis or Moth Orchids - purchased at Costco (Costco!!!)

The palm is a Sago Palm - now approaching its 2nd year chez redbird

The cats are Marble and Granite

Winter overcoats on the trees courtesy of Mother Nature (Weeping False Nootka Cypress and Acer Japonicum or Japanese Maple under their coats)

My knitting progress is more frequently updated on Ravelry - user name is RobynRedBird.