Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First time!

What's this?...

Something tealy and lacy?

And what's this - more tealy lacy goodness.....?

What ... more? A sort of out of focus arty shot?....

Tealy and lacy and arty - oh my...

Oh look - its a shawl!

And the shawl has a back....

And the shawl has a pattern!

Here on Patternfish

Its my first!

This doesn't count


Monday, May 11, 2009

Maryland oh Maryland

Maryland Sheep and Wool was cold and rainy this year but it didn't matter at all. it was wonderful to be there!

I didn't buy much - but did pick up 7 skeins of Autum House Farm's Finnean's Rainbow in an interesting mix of a goldy brown, mauve and purple. I found it on Sunday morning before the crowds arrived so I was actually able to get into most booths (not The Fold - they had a mesh up and several grumpy looking patrons who gave me the evil eye when I walked in front of themjust to take a look at the STR - I still don't get the frenzy and the long lines!)

There were 3 skeins of 1 colourway and 2 of another that seemed to work well together (and the price was right) so I bought all 5 plus a solid in a deeper purple to make a border (probably a Shetland lace border with a bit of ruffle - there is lots of yarn to do that)

And here is the beginning of the shawl - a simple diamond pattern that won't fight with the colour variations.

It was so cold on Sunday that I ended up wrapping a couple of skeins around my neck to stay warm - looked like and idiot I am sure but at least I was a warm idiot.

The highlight again this year was the Parade of Breeds. What an amazing array of sheep! And again this year there was a lamb who entertained with her/his antics.

No sheep pictures - it was always pretty dark in the barns and I hadn't brought my flash.

Wonderful! And well worth the drive (1,000Kms each way - about 600 miles)

Next up is Rhinebeck which isn't as sheepy but has lots of interesting vendors