Sunday, September 17, 2006

Romney Sock

Just finished up a sample sock in my new Romney Sock yarn and couldn't wait to post it. Love the feel of this yarn and the fact that it isn't a commercial yarn but has some spring and some character

This one was a spare ball that I had wound off and dipped in a couple of different dye baths - still in the ball - just to see what would happen. It came out a nice mossy licheny green and taupe and a bit to my surprise was dyed all the way through - wasn't sure if the dye would miss a few parts since the yarn was wound into a ball.

I knit from both the beginning and end of the ball - 1 round each - and am very pleased with the results - no spiralling, no pooling - just nice colour.

I had to drive to London to pick up my cello on Saturday - it was being glued up by its maker Peter Chandler - and I had a lovely time stopping over in Stratford. Found Rheo Thompson and stocked up on their fantastic chocolate smoothies - the best chocolates in this part of the universe - yummm.

Planning to start some more samples this week - something in Skye - perhaps a hat or a triangular scarf - haven't quite decided yet and also something in my Painted Cormo Lace - definitely something lacy for this one to show of its softness and colour.

Now off to Sudoku for a while and then to bed

Have a lovely week everyone - lots of evening knitting to reward you for all the hard day jobs you do!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

KW Knitter's Fair

A beautiful big box arrived today from Fleece Artist! The contents will be revealed on Saturday to all of you happy knitters who are going to be there.

Every year at this time ( just a few days to go beofre the show), I am afraid that I won't be ready and this year is no different. So, as in previous years, I guess I will be ready enough!

Most of the yarn is priced, I have most of the display materials that I need and just have to do a supplier/Retail Bag (that's where the plastic shopping bags come from) and Staples run - and wind some more Zephyr and ..........

I have a new sock yarn too that will be launched there - Romney Sock - Ontario grown wool, processed and dyed in Ontario too so I guess it gets a Trillium beside its Canadian flag on the website once it gets put up. Just a few skeins are ready to go.

I also dyed some more Painted Cormo Lace and Painted Zephyr so that will be dry tomorrow and labelled and ready too

So I guess I WILL be ready!

See you there if you can. See you on the web if you can't - will be taking a few days off and will post the new goodies next week