Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada who celebrates it! We are heading off to my (pregnant) niece's new(ish) house for a big family fest She is the only one who has a dining room at the moment so bravely volunteered to do her very first Thanksgiving.

I have no dining room at the moment as I gave the big old English oak dining room table, buffet and chairs (that were my parent's) to the above mentioned niece and my brother has no dining room at the moment as they have torn out - right down to the sub-flooring - their kitchen, family room and den to make a big country kitchen - and have been eating microwave and take out for about a month!

Much turkey and pumpkin pie will be consumed!

And on a less calorific note!

I love a puzzle and have been working on trying to make a toe up sock that looks just like a top down one. Several attempts have managed to get me closer and closer and finally, fourth time lucky and here it is:

Or is it this one?

Hmmh - can you tell?

The yarn is the new Regia Bamboo - love it!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Been rather distracted from my knitting of late - illness in the family which gave us all a very scary week but seems to be under control at the moment. We are all watching like a hawk!

One of my cats is very sick with mammary cancer. Needless to say my creativity and knitting have sufferred and all that I have accomplished has been a pair of socks for above mentioned family member.

Smudgie is the ill cat. She came to us about 6 years ago when a neighbour's relative left her and her sister Bailey in the back of his car on a very hot day in August. I was furious that anyone would do such a thing and took both cats in and in collusion with my neighbour, managed to persuade the owner that the kitties would be better off staying with me permanently.

Bailey was so thin (weighed less than 5 lbs) and dehydrated that we thought we would lose her right there but she managed to battle back to a semi-decent weight (about 8 lbs) and lived happily with us for 5 years until she developed pneumonia and died.

Smudgie wasn't in a bad shape and was just very grateful for regular meals and a warm bed to sleep on. She is very skittish and tends to run away, even from her food, if anyone walks into the room while she is eating. Smudgie has a dark grey nose - thus the name. She also goes by Smoochie as she is very affectionate when she isn't frightened off.

Smudgie in repose.

The other cats and the dog are all keeping a close eye on her too. Send angels please!