Thursday, December 20, 2007

More Fetching

Almost finished my 3rd pair of Fetching fingerless mitts. Easy pattern and a very pretty result

These are for my SIL who gets up early every morning and walks for an hour. She is a very disciplined woman! I am going to try Ice Queen (Knitty) in this yarn for her too - something soft and warm for her early morning tromps through the snow,

Renos are about done - just a few outside trim details on the garden doors needed and the weather has been too frightful (inside has been delightful - how many times have you heard that Christmas song shopping this season - it seems to be almost the only one! That one and White Christmas!) to finish off. Matt will be back when it warms up to put the finishing touches to them.

The POD has come and gone and all the furniture is back. The piano arrived yesterday and is looking wonderful (sounds terrible though and will get a tuning once it has had a chance to settle down and get over its trauma). My room is habitable and once I get my shelves painted (this weekend I think) , I can put everything together.

Shopping is about done - just have to get something for our family dinner on XMas day - just the 3 of us and then we go to my brother's on the 26th for a family shindig. Presents are bought but need to be wrapped so this weekend looks like a painting and wrapping weekend. I will be happy to stay off the streets and out of the malls as it will be CRRRRAAAAZZZY.

And if these guys don't get there first:

Lower left and upper right.

These are next Spring's Magnolia buds:

Today's Door Cam was brought to you by the letter S (squirrels oh my!) and the number 0 (for the number of magnolia buds that are lost to the above mentioned squirrels and the rest of the winter.

Very Happy Holidays to all

Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend knitting

Major snow storm this weekend so lots of knitting was done!

Fetching in Bliss Cotton Angora is finished. Ended up knitting 3 of them as the 1st was too loose

These are for my daughter:

And I finished Bubbles (free pattern from Berrocco). Yarn is Noro Silk Garden and the result is pretty pretty. This is for Irene my violin playing friend

Saw something like this some where - can't remember where and so thought I would try one. I intend to make it large enough to be either a neck warmer or to pull up over the ears and on the head to stay warm in this reportedly to be longer and harsher that the previous 2 years. It is pretty much just alternating sections of stocking and reversed stocking stitch - 5 rounds of each

It is Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed used double - and I think it might be too heavy or knit at too tight a gauge but as this is an experiment I will keep going. And I plan on a pair of Fetching in this yarn too

And today's door cam. Please note the snow on top of the table. This is a lot for us this early and about as much in one day as the total for each of the last 2 winters. I was still sitting outside drinking coffee this time last year! Christmas Eve morning I sat on the porch in a sweater with my morning coffee. Not this year methinks!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Started a few small things for XMas gifties - Fetching from is fun and fast and works in lots of different yarns

The pink one is for my daughter - Cotton Angora (she is a non wool person)

This one is Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed in Asparagus - very soft and comfy - might have to keep this one for myself!

DoorCam - Dec 12th

DoorCam2 - Dec 12th

Almost done - they are putting the trim on the outside this morning - nice sunny day for it and hovering around the freezing mark.

House is almost all mine again. Furniture is back and the POD half unloaded. Piano comes next week and everyone will be happy - including the cats who hide all day and come out when the workers go home

Knitting plan for today - finish the other half of the 2 pairs of Fetching and perhaps start another.

A demain

Friday, December 07, 2007

This was yesterdays Door Cam

Knitting progress and a door

Shedir after 2 days of knitting - almost done the main section and on to the decrease rounds. Should have it done by tonight.

Or not! Who among you thinks that this puny excuse for what is left will be enough to finish my hat? No.. no one... hmmmh - not me neither nohow!

New door Cam - Day 2Weeping Nootka False Cypress

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December's Sock is done

Fair Not is the latest in my series of Faux Fair Isle socks

The motifs are more traditionally fair isle but the execution sure isn't traditional

So now on to some gift knitting - Shedir in Calmer for my daughter cast on this evening and about 2 1/2 inches done.

And I have a door that actually leads outside now - the contractor ripped off the back of the house today. The light is amazing and my Japanese Maple is beautifully framed in the door.

I will be sitting there tomorrow morning having my coffee - picture to come

Monday, December 03, 2007

Some progress and some cats

My room painted, floored and the new door is in. Note the jaunty table cloth that provides night time privacy when stuck in the window - classy eh!

Living Room floor - shiny!

New front hall - was a door now a nice big opening

Bathroom floor and new sink and toilet plus a couple of HomeSense acquisitions sptill sporting their price tags - Minnie Pearl live here!

And the new taps - not yet attached to the shower but still quite jaunty (handle for the shower is upside down and will be fixed once the shower goes in)

Mummy - when will all the noise stop!!

Mommy - what's that terrible smell!!

And the beautiful and gentle giant, Myles - also wondering what that horrible smell is.

Bird's eye view of Myles

Actual knitting!

My December SOTM is past the heel turn! Sample started on snowy/rainy/blowy Sunday early and finally put down when the satellite TV went off (always goes off in heavy rain)

Another faux fair isle project in my favourite Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. I like it an hope you will too. It is based on real fair isle motifs but with a few twists thrown in for good measure. I've had this one on the books for quite a long time but hadn't decided whether or not to do it real or faux fair isle. Faux all the way for me!

Pictures to come once it is finished - probably be Wednesday.

My Ravelry queue just got longer - added Jo Sharp's Tashkent to my never never pile of projects to knit before I die!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm on Ravelry!

Actually I have been on Ravelry since August 19th but only just got some things done on it. User name is RobynRedBird

The list of projects is going to be frighteningly long and the list of queued projects grows day by day - anemoi mittens, Cromarty (Starmore), Rona (Starmore) a pair of Kate Gilbert mittens and then there are the Noni bags that I just picked up patterns for that aren't even on the list yet

Oh for a 48 hour day and a snow storm to keep me in and knitting - oh wait - we are supposed to be getting a snow storm that will keep me in and knitting - oh joy

And I have new floors!

And no furniture!

But I do have my Eddie Bauer camp chair and my TV + PVR and my lovely roll of knitting needles and a whole lotta yarn in stash- but most of my books and patterns are in the POD that has another few days before it comes home - the floors have to mellow out a bit first of course

The catties like skidding across the bare floor - I hate to spoil their fun but I also hate to spoil the new finish.

Finished the second in a pair of socks today and added the cuff to the first of another pair. Knitting has resumed

Normality to follow (well .... sort of normality!)