Thursday, March 03, 2011


A friend and I visited a yarn shop (or 2) on the weekend and I am pleased to report that although I am no longer selling yarn myself, I am still getting that heart thumping feeling when I see a gorgeous hank of yarn.

Case in point is VIOLA

Walking in front door of Shall We Knit (in New Hamburg, ON) there is an old armoire on the left stuffed to the gills with Koigu. I stand and gaze at the colours, thinking of all the lovely things I could make of the luscious yarn and its luscious colours and my heart beats and I breathe deeply.

Then I turn to my right and spot (wasn't hard as it is right at eye level - clever marketing folks there!) 2 baskets of beautiful, intense, subtle, luscious, wonderful hanks of colour. The yarn is Viola, from an indie dyer in Toronto and is stunning! Heart thumpingly so. Especially the red

Go see it - trust me you will like it!

Impatiently waiting for Spring - it was -13.6C this morning when I got up with the dog. Brrr. And here I am thinking that that little rodent who didn't see his shadow on GH Day was going to give us an early Spring. Nuts to that

Off to work - have some knitting projects on the go but can't show them to you yet.